Mummolaakso - A Moominvalley for older lesbians and bisexual women

Mummolaakso (Granny valley) is a non-profit association that works to promote solidarity, social interaction and well-being especially among older lesbians and bisexual women in Finland. The name Mummolaakso is inspired by Muumilaakso (Moominvalley), the home of fantastical yet very human Moomin creatures invented by the Finnish author and lesbian icon Tove Jansson.

The organization is based in Helsinki but offers support to local initiatives nationwide. We cooperate with the Turku-based association Turun Seudun Mummolaakso and the Mummolaakso peer group operating in Tampere. Mummolaakso is a member of the national LGBTI rights organization SETA and the Feminist Association Unioni.

Meeting like-minded lezzies, staying active, and ageing with pride

Since its foundation in 1994 Mummolaakso has sought to make life more enjoyable for lesbians and bisexual women in all periods of life, including old age. We arrange regular dances, visits to cultural events, outdoor recreation, weekend trips, discussions, reading circles and other events. Although Mummolaakso caters to the tastes of middle-aged and older women, many of the activities are equally of interest to younger dykes and queers. All activities are run on a volunteer basis. Mummolaakso cooperates with SETA's work involving lgbtiq seniors.

We encourage visitors, new-Finns, foreign residents and others interested in the Helsinki lesbian scene to check out coming events on our calendar. Listed below are those where knowledge of Finnish language is not important, more things to do on the Finnish pages.

Involved in queer community in later life - Strategies for inclusive lesbian* aging

In its project for inclusive lesbian ageing Mummolaakso promotes lesbian community as a social resource for older lbtq women. The positive power of a supportive community has been a central idea for the association from the beginning, demonstrated in our lively social activities of 30 years, especially in Helsinki and Southern Finland. The project brings much-needed additional investment in new initiatives focusing on the life situations of aging lesbians and bi/pan women, and on the role community can play in good ageing. The project is financed by Eurocentralasian Lesbian* Community – EL*C and the EU.

During 2024 the project seeks to:

  • deepen and expand lesbian-focused discussion about age issues, generational differences and community opportunities in general
  • strengthen the capabilities of LBT women in age-related planning and preparing in training events
  • improve Mummolaakso's capabilities in community building

We will launch discussions that highlight the perspectives of different generations and support community building with local LBTQ activists around the country. A dialogue is needed between diverse age groups to shed light on how experiences from older or more recent eras figure in our lives as members of sexual and gender minorities today. To prevent ageism it is essential to understand both what identity work involved in previous decades and the needs and priorities that arise with age. By the same token, better awareness of diverse generational experiences brings depth and perspective to rainbow activism.

We also want to spread the good practices of Mummolaakso activities and drum up support to lesbian activism at prides and other rainbow events around the country. The goal is to hear local lesbian activists’ own stocktaking, to discuss history and ideas. How do we find like-minded company, what kind of activities are there and what new strengths could we find in ourselves in an inspiring circle? How could Mummolaakso support regional communities?

At the bottom is the question how older women who love women could stay involved as interested and valued community contributors, and how those self-respecting, supportive circles, networks, and platforms for participation could be found.

In the trainings we focus on personal perspectives in age matters. Choices made under the conditions of lesbian/bi/trans life can expose women to disadvantage, loneliness or the displacement of one's own will. Non-normative choices can also give support to active aging. The topic is approached e.g. in the light of statistical research data, physical well-being and end-of-life planning documents.

Project is managed by Virva Hepolampi, MA.

Excursion in Seurasaari Thurs 27.6.2024, 4pm

Seurasaari, 00250 Helsinki

A day out in nice company at Seurasaari island, an open-air museum and people's park. Outdoor activities, pétanque, grilling. We gather in front of the ice cream kiosk before the Seurasaari bridge. If you come later, you can find us at Kyykkkäkenttä games area next to the outdoor grill ground.

A brisk walk around the island starts at 4 pm from Mieritz coffee house (at the end of the bridge), passing sights like the old church boats. In favorable weather the evening continues with a game of petanque, which was the favorite game at Mummolaakso during its early years. At the outdoor grill ground you can enjoy your own snacks and barbeque.

Bus 24 from the city centre operates to Seurasaari. Tram number 4 stops at Paciuksenkaari, from where it´s about 10 minutes´ walk to Seurasaari. You can also use city bikes (Seurasaari 091) to cycle to Seurasaari.

Sherry & Coffee Party, Sat June 29th, 5-23 pm

Restaurant Botta (2nd-3rd floor), Museokatu 10, 00100 Helsinki

Steamy vibes and genuine good mood are to be expected again at the day dances for lbtqi women that crown the Pride parade day. The heat for the early evening is conjured by DJ Hani , karaoke host Minnis and the shared joyful ambience.

First hours are dedicated to partner dance. Karaoke starts on the 3rd floor at 6 pm The Snellman cabinet offers a quieter environment for conversation and getting to know others. Since 1994, sherry & coffee have been traditional (but optional) starting drinks of this legendary Granny Valley party.

Entry fee 17/12€ (cash or card) + lobby service fee. Discount with membership cards of Mummolaakso and Seta affiliated organizations. The party is for all +18 lesbians, bi/pan/transwomen and transfeminines.

Accessibility: Portable ramp is available from personnel for the 2 stairs at the front door. 2nd floor ballroom and Snellman cabinet can be reached with a wheelchair elevator (250kg). Accessible toilet is on the 1st floor lobby.

Social media: facebook event | Instagram.


Members pay a reduced price in Mummolaakso events and get 4 times a year a Finnish-language newsletter by email, with the latest news and updates on activities. Annual membership fee is 30€ / 20€ (low income)/ 100€ (supporting membership).

Fill in the membership form and we will send you a confirmation with an invoice for the current year's membership.

You can also buy membership card at Mummolaakso's parties. Keep your email and postal address up to date to get the membership card and bulletins posted to you.



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Post Mummolaakso ry, c/o Feminist Association Unioni, Bulevardi 11 A 1, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

We warmly welcome new volunteers and suggestions for cooperation!

Who we are

Chair: Minna Hirvonen

Board members & vice members: Anitta, Anneli, Johanna, Liisa, Miia, Nina, Suvi, Teija, Tiina, and Ursula.