Mummolaakso - A Moominvalley for older lesbians and bisexual women

Mummolaakso (Granny valley) is a non-profit association that works to promote solidarity, social interaction and well-being especially among older lesbians and bisexual women in Finland. The name Mummolaakso is inspired by Muumilaakso (Moominvalley), the home of fantastical yet very human Moomin creatures invented by the Finnish author and lesbian icon Tove Jansson.

The organization is based in Helsinki but offers support to local initiatives nationwide. We cooperate with the Turku-based association Turun Seudun Mummolaakso and the Mummolaakso peer group operating in Tampere. Mummolaakso is a member of the national LGBTI rights organization SETA and the Feminist Association Unioni.

Meeting like-minded lezzies, staying active, and ageing with pride

Since its foundation in 1994 Mummolaakso has sought to make life more enjoyable for lesbians and bisexual women in all periods of life, including old age. We arrange regular dances, visits to cultural events, outdoor recreation, weekend trips, discussions, reading circles and other events. Although Mummolaakso caters to the tastes of middle-aged and older women, many of the activities are equally of interest to younger dykes and queers. All activities are run on a volunteer basis. Mummolaakso is a partner in the Equal Ageing project coordinated by SETA, which gives training to elderly care professionals on LGBTI seniors’ needs.

We encourage visitors, new-Finns, foreign residents and others interested in the Helsinki lesbian scene to check out coming events on our calendar. Listed below are those where knowledge of Finnish language is not important, more things to do on the Finnish pages.

Tarja Halonen Park, Eläintarhantie, Helsinki

A relaxed, informal get-together to celebrate the first of May will be arranged this year in Kallio district, in a park area named after president Tarja Halonen. It is located next to the Helsinki City Theatre.

Women start arriving around 2 pm and hang around as long as the mood is good and weather allows. Bring your own sparkling beverages, edibles and something to sit on. Singing, playing instruments, telling jokes, talking politics or just chilling out are all just the thing for this may day picnic.

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo.
Roughly 35 kilometres from Helsinki city centre and 17 kilometres from Espoo Centre.

A day-trip to the scenic hiking trails of national park Nuuksio, in Uusimaa region. We set off from nearby Nature Centre Haltia at 10 am.  Check directions here.

The trip takes abt 4 hours, including breaks. Along the trail there are lakes to dip in, campfire sites, cooking shelters, dry toilets. Bring your own hiking gear and provisions.

Sign up for the trip to This hiking trip will be arranged on the condition that a minimum of 8 persons participate. 

Sherry & coffee party Sat 1.7.2017 5-11 pm

Restaurant Ostrobotnia, Ballroom 2nd-3rd floor, Museokatu 10, 00100 Helsinki

Arranged ever since the founding of Mummolaakso in 1994, this annual party is an institution!

After the pride parade and entertainment at Pride park, you can drop in to the nearby restaurant 'Botta' for drinks at the all-woman party with dancing and lots of good cheer. Sherry with coffee is optional, but a traditional refreshment to get the evening going!

Entry fee 10 (members)/15€ (cash only please). Age limit 18 years.


Members pay a reduced price in Mummolaakso events and get 4 times a year a Finnish-language newsletter by email or post, with the latest news and updates on activities. Annual membership fee is 27€ / 17€ (low income)/ 100€ (supporting membership).

You can become a member by paying the membership fee either to our bank account Ålandsbanken IBAN FI1666010001185982, BIC AABAFI22, or in cash at Mummolaakso events. Membership is approved by the board. If you use bank transfer, include your name and address to get the membership card and bulletins posted to you.



Social media facebook (closed group), facebook (open info group)

Post Mummolaakso ry, PL 97, 00531 Helsinki, Finland

We warmly welcome new volunteers and suggestions for cooperation!

Who we are

Chair: Minna Hirvonen

Vice chair: Virva Hepolampi

Board members & vice members: Anitta, Anneli, Hanna, Liisa, Nina, Raisa, Sanna, Teija, Tuula and Ursula.